Complementary Therapy

With Kate Perkins

Kate Perkins is qualified and insured Complementary Therapist.

Kate is qualified in Reflexology, Swedish Massage, Hot Stone Massage and Indian Head Massage.



Reflexology is known as a zone therapy and meridian therapy. Energy travels through the body and may become trapped. By using reflexology this can help to unblock these areas so they travel freely again through the organs and body parts making the individual feel re-energized.


Reflexology is a popular alternative therapy. It may: provide relaxation, improve circulation, reduce pain, soothe tired feet, and encourage healing naturally.

Reflexology can help restore balance with conditions and symptoms such as:


Stress, hormone imbalances, digestive problems, bladder issues, menstrual disorders & headaches


It can take a course of 3 to 4 treatments to restore a certain balance, but this depends on each individual.


First Consultation and Treatment

£38 (70 Minutes)

Follow up Treatments

£33 (60 Minutes)


Hot Stone Massage


Kate has nearly 6 years experience working with hot stones.

Hot stones is recommended if you like a deep relaxing massage

Kate recommends at least an hour for a back massage to feel the full benefit. A full body can be beneficial if you have tight legs, and arms, along with the shoulders, neck and back.


What are hot stones?


Hot stones are basalt stones, which are igneous rock. During a volcanic eruption, basalt stone is formed when the lava cools.

Heavy elements, such as iron magnesium, mix silica and oxygen make the stones dark and give them the ability to hold heat for a long period of time.

By using the heated stones Kate uses gliding movements to spread the heat over the body. She can identify where the body may require deeper pressure. By using the heat this can help the cells receive more oxygen and nutrients. The waste material is generally removed rapidly through corresponding increase in lymph flow.


This release is believed to re-balance the body and mind.


Neck, Back & Shoulder Hot Stone Massage:

£40 (45 Minutes)

£45 (60 Minutes)

Full Body Massage £60 (90 Minutes)

Swedish Massage


Swedish Massage was developed in Sweden, a system know as ‘medical gymnastics’.


These techniques include effleurage (long gliding strokes), petrissage (lifting and kneading), friction, which is firm and tapotement is brisk tapping or percussion movements, and vibration is rapidly vibrating or shaking muscles.

This massage can be beneficial for increasing level of oxygen in the blood, decreasing muscle toxins, improving circulation and flexibility whilst easing tension. Having regular treatments may help prevent a build up of stress to the body and mind and can encourage the use of healing naturally.


Swedish Massage


Neck, Back & Shoulder Massage

30 Minutes = £30

45 Minutes = £38

60 Minutes = £43

Full Body

90 Minutes = £53

Indian Head Massage


Indian head massage is an ancient Indian therapeutic treatment that has been practiced for hundreds of years. It is part of the Hindu health care, known as Ayurveda.


Indian head massage is a seated treatment which focuses on your head, neck and shoulders and was originally used to improve scalp and hair condition. There are a variety of pressures and techniques used throughout the treatment, working on shoulders, neck, head and face.


Treatment Advice


It is advisable to wear a vest, as the treatment requires work on the shoulders and above. Also be prepared for messy hair due to oils and massage.


Indian Head Massage

45 Minutes £38

Please note:


With all these treatments:


You must declare all medical conditions. If you are unsure about a condition or whether you are able to undergo a specific treatment then please contact the clinic prior to treatment.


Gift Vouchers

Kate offers from £10 gift vouchers.

She also offers combination treatments, as below, which make a lovely gift.


Gold Package = £70 (120 minutes)

Full Body Hot Stone & Reflexology


Silver Package = £60 (90 minutes)

Neck, Back & Shoulder Hot Stone & Reflexology


Bronze Package = £50(60 minutes)

Indian Head Massage & Reflexology


Note: the combination treatments are to be taken together.


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